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POMS!!! Known as the "personality breed" because of their exuberant personality. A great companion dog! Know for its little compact size, and its thick well rounded coat. Their face is "teddy bear like", alert expression and small ears creating a adorable appearance. The Pom also has a curled tail and a trotting gait.
The Pom descended from the Spitz family of dogs from present day Germany and Poland. While these predicessors were larger they too were busy, bold and confident to live each day to the fulliest!
The English Kennel Club recongnized the Pomeranian in 1870. Their popularity grew when Queen Victoria imported one from Italy.
At TINY PAWS we specializing in the hard to find White, red and cream colors and Parti puppies our poms are the Tiny, tiny sized babies 5lbs or less.
Yorkshire Terrier or lovingly referred to by most of us as YORKIE!
He is a little dog developed in England in the mid 1800's.
The Yorkie was not an accident. Through a well intentional cross breeding of several Terriers including the Waterside Terrier, which is a small blue-grey dog with long hair, weighing between 6-20 lbs. This Terrier was brought to Yorkshire by Scotish weavers. It was not long before these bold, curious, and adventure loving little dogs, became the favorites of the British elite, because of its beauty, elegance and of course its small stature.
HERE AT TINY PAWS  We specialize in the new PARTI Yorkie as well as the beautiful traditional colors. And also in the small size Tiny, Tiny Yorkies weighing between 2 to 5 pounds.
OUR Fur Babies!!
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